Our Approach


It is our philosophy that children learn best through play supported with a comprehensive curriculum and nurturing atmosphere. Preschool is often a child’s first educational experience and thus needs to be introduced in a meaningful way. The Learning Path thrives on creating a safe and loving environment with a focus on individual attention.

When children are granted the opportunity to learn through the comfort of play, they are submerged in skills that will create a strong educational foundation. Children are encouraged to think critically and problem solve in these social situations. Through play children develop confidence, self-esteem, kindness and acceptance. In addition they acquire advanced expressive and conversational language skills, peer relationships, empathy and ongoing practice at sharing and taking turns. Play allows children to experience and express varying emotions as well. Children learn how to recognize what they feel and express different emotions appropriately with their peers.

Our numerous free and structured play times are accompanied by a comprehensive curriculum. Stringing these together teaches children to follow directions and routines. Our unique combination of learning through play and a comprehensive curriculum allows children to explore independent, center-based and whole group learning. These components allow children to take chances and feel comfortable to fail and succeed. The early childhood years are rich with development and when fostered under the right philosophy can bloom into confidence, kindness and knowledge.

We value parent involvement at every level and encourage you to partner with us to give your child the most powerful and joyous learning experience possible.

Meet Our Staff

The Learning Path is built on a foundation of professional, highly educated, loving and energetic teachers. In order to excel in Early Childhood Education a teacher  must have a wealth of knowledge, patience and experience. Our dynamic staff amasses over 100 years of experience, a multitude of college and graduate degrees, and a unfounded dedication to the children they teach and the families they partner with.

Our teachers are professionals who are vested in the success of early childhood development. Each teacher develops lesson plans based on our comprehensive curriculum, multi sensory approach, a deep understanding of early childhood development and an incredible ability to differentiate and personalize a wonderful experience for each student.


How We Play, Learn, and Grow
Our unique and comprehensive curriculum, developed by and for the Learning Path.

Our curriculum is organized thematically and is created to be both exciting for our students and rich in content. It is designed to be inclusive for various types of learning abilities and lends itself to differentiated instruction. Within each theme, our students are inspired to learn through play, art, music, observation, discovery and hands on experiences that are aligned with each age group’s developmental goals. Our teachers cater the content of our curriculum to prepare our students for a successful and smooth transition forward. Our curriculum provides meaningful experiences throughout each of our thematic units. From transforming our classrooms into different countries during our World Tour unit, to learning about the life cycle of a chicken by raising chicks from eggs during our Farm unit, we strive to make each experience exciting and engaging for our students.
Our comprehensive curriculum promotes language and cognitive learning along with a heavy emphasis on fostering social and emotional growth. Children are provided opportunities to become independent learners, develop problem solving skills and think critically on their own. While our Bear Cubs are learning how to problem solve through playing and taking turns, our Lions are learning how to think critically to make scientific predictions about how a seed may grow. Our teachers are experts at creating an environment that promote learning through successes in order to build confidence and self-esteem. As a school we take pride in watching our children grow into eager learners throughout each component of our specialized and comprehensive curriculum.

Positive Guidance

Our teachers are passionate about positive guidance and creative discipline. They take pride in seeking out and celebrating the unique characteristics and learning styles of each child. They are trained to recognize how each child responds to varying techniques and apply that creatively to each situation. When children learn through a positive approach their self-esteem and confidence grows.
To discipline is to teach; and the focus of that teaching is to guide children to make the right decisions rather than reacting to undesired behaviors. Through this positive guidance approach children obtain the skills to interact with one another, to problem solve and think critically and to be good friends.